New Podcast Show Name Reveal – TCMLS: Episode 00262

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Today is a big day, today is the new podcast show name reveal and it is so exciting.  It is also exciting that this is ep 262.  I love sitting down in front of the microphone, makes me feel like I have a different career.  I love podcasting so why not have another show.

  • Emphasis is placed on why I am really doing this
  • It goes to Working Women World (WWW) Community on Facebook

We have no borders and yes we like men to be here too.

  • I have spoken about this and yeah it is a place for stories
  • It is a story podcast
  • We all have stories
  • They differ but they are our stories
  • Networking for me was a problem I live 50 miles north of the best opportunities
  • I spell out the expenses
  • I was geographical undesirable in many eyes as someone to do business with
  • I stopped
  • That is how WWW started
  • Many women can’t network, can’t share ideas, can’t help each other
  • Naturally that also needs a podcast audio and video eventually
  • The name is Stories from the Hearts (of Many). (And since I recorded this I am already changing it to Stories From Many Hearts)

Stories from the Hearts of Many

  • I have begun booking guests
  • I wanted to take this podcast and rename it but it wouldn’t work
  • I will still be here maybe only a couple times a month
  • I am done adulting I am going to be a mermaid talk
  • Adulting is tough
  • Take naps and I explain why you should
  • Naps are refreshing and your brain will like you for it.
  • Another thing that has helped me is to escape into a fiction book for a while
  • I talk about Dan Brown and his new novel “Origin”
  • His research is so good
  • I love art history, religious history and his making me feel like I am there
  • I wish I could write like Mr. Brown
  • I do have 3 awards for blogging
  • I had a wonderful compliment the other day telling me I don’t write to a certain age group I keep it simple and easy to understand
  • Yes, Carole Sanek can write
  • Then there is Deb Stewart
  • Boy can she write
  • Coach Deb
  • Amazing writer
  • Starting out with a woman only interview base
  • I am so proud of how we, as women, are taking a stand more now than ever
  • Congrats for using your voices
  • I will be talking more about the new show and marketing
  • Be original, don’t copy, you are one of a kind.

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