Be Original and Rogue Redhead Ramblings – TCMLS Episode 00261

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Today is International Podcast Day so here I am recording a podcast.  I edit my own shows and left my mistakes in this one.  I will be bringing the interview segment back which will be with women under Power Women Speak.  Got your ears on, get ready, get set and listen.


Celebrate it is our day.

  • Dot Cannon shout out – she has a wonderful podcast called “Over Coffee Podcast” and can be found at
  • I chat about the sadness of the summer storms
  • Irma and her trek which changed many times
  • Then came J,K,L storms and Maria
  • These are very sad times because of the destruction Maria caused
  • Off the soapbox now
  • It is episode #261 WOW
  • I recently blogged about being original
  • It is a lot easier to seize someone’s ideas
  • It is not right, it is terrible
  • I was at a conference where Chris Ducker spoke about people who steal website ideas right down to color and design
  • I know Chris, I have seen him in a bathing suit.  We were on the Podcast cruise and we had a lovely time and actually talked about life
  • If you borrow from a winner you will be a loser
  • Small world people you will get caught
  • I talk about an idea that stimulated my brain and I changed it out and made it mine – borrowing an idea is not a bad thing as long as you make it yours but don’t copy.  This is what I designed:

Love tmy branding.

  • I have a friend who copied someone and it looks awful
  • Be original
  • Be original
  • Choose a great name for your business that you get traction from
  • Be original I cannot say this enough
  • Please please please be original
  • We are under 10
  • Again I do all my own editing

I will be back soon – love, carole


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