Rogue Redhead Ramblings – TCMLS: Episode 00260

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Rogue redhead ramblings happen in this episode and I am a bottle redhead to boot.  Part of what makes me crazy is all that hair dye I am sure. In today’s episode this is what I talk about:

  • I sort of missed getting this show up on Wednesday
  • I talk about the neighbor and his grass cutting service that sounds like a WWII tank.
  • I asked him to skip Wednesdays but then Larry (the husband) muddied the waters and it did not go well.
  • Doesn’t matter I have a sound proof room.
  • When I podcasted from my closet this lawn service shook the house.
  • I got to see Jared Easley, of Podcast Movement on Tuesday and talk about future conferences and all kinds of things they will be doing.
  • Did you know that the ancient Greeks believed that redheads turned into vampires when they die?  Just a little trivia.

    Redhead who Turned into A Vampire.

  • I had a super-duper idea this week – no more new podcasts.  I can’t handle any more.  I did consider starting one for Working Women World but now I am going to use this podcast there.  I will interview women under my power women speak segments.

    Working Women World

  • Maybe we can add video some day or maybe I will just vlog.
  • I am always looking for women who have powered through and came out successful on the other side.
  • They have great stories to share.
  • We are all about marketing everything.  Your life is a business.  Your business is a business. We are combining it all under the TCMLS umbrella.
  • I have a whole list of women I want to interview so I need to think about starting in about November.
  • I have met some incredible women in film so we will be discussing film (and women in film).
  • How do I meet these people?  At conferences and I become sincere friends and one thing leads to another.
  • I have a woman who has been featured in “O Magazine” coming on the show.
  • We want men in our community but they have to stand beside women not in front of them.
  • I am starting a new segment to my business it is a membership club.
  • You can DIY your social media for 2 different fees $149-$249 a month and we supply all the posts.
  • This is so exciting.
  • We will also have plans where our team does your social media one platform is $149 all 4 (FB, Twitter, L/I and Pinterest) is $449.
  • We are very budget friendly.
  • You get reports.
  • Contests.
  • Banner ads.
  • We are going to rock this.
  • Everyone still has to add things we do not know about, those things are up to you.
  • Podcasting is so much fun I will be talking about this new business – after all I have to make money.
  • Remember your life is a business.

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  1. August 31, 2017 at 4:34 pm

    Oh my. I so related to the lawn guy story. Lawn guys with mowers and blowers seem to start up every time I need quiet for video or podcasting! Yes, I too believe that our life is a business and our attitude is our calling card so to speak. I just spoke at a Statewide Conference and made some great new connections, all powerful and dynamic women. So excited! Keep sharing your amazing enthusiasm and grand humor! You brightened my day.

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