It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know – TCMLS: Episode 00259

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It is not what you know, it’s who you know.  How many times have you heard this?

  • I talk about Podcast Movement and how I miss not being in Anaheim this year, but there’s always next year – Philadelphia.
  • When you are starting something new it helps to know people who can help you.
  • How many business cards do you have?
  • I take notes and then I toss the cards.
  • The notes tell me if I really want to connect or if I can help them or they can help me.
  • You can start doing this now.
  • You have to be memorable in a good way.
  • You should be reaching out when you are fresh in their minds.
  • I call this memorable magic.
  • I am all about butterflies. (I got a picture of a butterfly ring last night on FB).
  • I have all kinds of butterfly things
  • If someone talks about a butterfly it is a segue into talking about what I do.
  • It works and I give an example of how this recently worked for me.
  • You can use stickers and put them all over the place.\
  • Make people laugh, they will remember you.
  • I re-wrote the lyrics to a Christmas song everyone knows when I was selling antibiotics.
  • I like to connect people and this works too.  You help someone and they reward you.
  • You do need to be sincere, you will be remembered.
  • If you make a promise, keep it, if you say you are going to do something, do it.
  • Give, give give again.
  • Find the sweet spot it is usually in the middle and be your sincere self.
  • Watch that #HumbleBragging
  • We all brag some people just do it a lot.
  • It is not sincere to brag.
  • Over-posting of selfies doesn’t make you that sincere.
  • There are better photos you can post.
  • Now let’s think again about those business cards, if you still have them, toss them.
  • I talk about Episode 76  The Money is in the Follow Up
  • Great advice in that show.
  • It’s not what you know, but who you know.
  • It makes it easier to ask for what you need.
  • It is about marketing the whole you now go practice some memorable magic.

Making Memorable Magic


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