Marketing Your Life or Your Business? Both! TCMLS: 00258

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Marketing – your life or your business? Both is the right answer and today I dig into how I define this, why it is necessary and more.  Ready to get crazy?

  • How can it be August already?
  • I am launching a new segment to my Butterfly Boom Productions that takes all my time these days, but I needed to get back to podcasting.
  • This new launch will be #WOWSOME – a combo of “awesome” and “WOW”
  • I attribute this hashtag to Jenn Page who produced and directed a full length feature film that comes out August 22nd called “Love or War”  watch for it, Jenn is amazing.
  • Someone said “Your life is a business.” I thought about that and said absolutely it is.
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  • I am still keeping my shows short.
  • If the word crazy is in the title of my podcast why not be crazy enough to include marketing everything not just your business.
  • Someone asked me if I take time off.
  • Of course I do, my brain doesn’t.
  • Brains in creative people do not turn off.
  • Where was I when I changed the name of my business from social butterfly media marketing to butterfly boom productions?
  • Your just never know when an idea will pop into your head.
  • If you have an idea and you think it is fab act on it fast.  Someone else probably possibly has the same idea.  Run.
  • Marketing doesn’t stop people. Has this ever happened to you – you had a terrific idea when you were not working?
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  • Let me know if my show resonated with you.
  • Run with that idea.

Don’t let anyone steal your idea.





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