The Eye, The Heart, The Breast – TCMLS Episode 00257

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The eye, the heart and the breast all came to us this year (plus a few other things) to mess with our lives and our finances for certain.

  • Back with a new format
  • No more intro and outro clips unless I interview someone then I might have an intro
  • Get Ready Get Set Listen
  • Drive time listen show is back
  • I think everyone who listens knows Willie (our dog had eye issues since Jan) and Larry had his heart issues including open heart surgery
  • On May 14th Willie had a visit to the ER at Univ of FL Vet Med

She is now “Willie the One-eyed Wonder Dog” on Facebook.

  • Expensive visit
  • We have ordered Doggles for her to wear picture coming soon
  • Hopefully she will get accustomed to them
  • Then we had Larry with his heart and heart surgeries (plural)
  • Then I went for my annual mammogram only to find out I had a “suspicious” lesion
  • This was hardly a great day and then in the middle of all this I had to have a 2nd biopsy and BAM I freaked out.
  • It has been 23 1/2 years since I was first diagnosed
  • People started asking me when I was ever going to catch a break
  • I found out in two days I was cancer free thank God.
  • All of these things put a big hold on this podcast.
  • I was healing when on a Thursday Larry called me out of the bedroom to say “Something is terribly wrong with Willie’s eye”.
  • She was in pain.  She paced, she panted, she wouldn’t eat.  Off I go to Univ of FL Vet Med 1 hour and 45 minutes later I got her there and everyone was in tears.  This little dog was in excruciating pain yet so brave.
  • She was diagnosed with another ulcer and a horrible glaucoma flare.
  • They compared her having glaucoma to a migraine in a human.
  • i wept.
  • Then they told me she had to be admitted and observed.
  • 2 options
  • One surgery could strengthen her cornea, the other was to do an e-nucleation
  • Do not google that word, an e-nucleation is the surgical removal of an eye.
  • We had many phone consults, we knew it was the best decision but it was heartbreaking.
  • I have eyeball issues I faint
  • Larry and I cried when we had to tell them our decision.
  • She doesn’t look bad, in fact she looks adorable.
  • It was tough.
  • Willie is the mascot of the Opth Dept at U of Fl.
  • She had surgery and came home that same day.
  • We went to pick her up so cheerfully.
  • Vet med has been an education
  • 1 hr and 45 minutes again
  • She does look good
  • She is back to normal and doing fine
  • She gets her sutures out soon
  • We kept her doped up for a couple days on Tramadol yes people meds
  • Get pet insurance – we are thousands of dollars into her eye
  • Her e-nucleation was $1100
  • I am so excited to be back I have a new product in the social media hopper
  • A budget friendly way of marketing your business.
  • I don’t do social media management any more
  • I had $2500 a month clients they are not clients they are your boss
  • I want to work with newbies, small businesses, entrepreneurs
  • This product will get your marketing done in several hours a month
  • It will be fun
  • And no I am not crazy to be doing this for such a low monthly fee
  • There will be so many things to choose from
  • It is all getting better
  • Thanks for listening
  • Email me at 
  • That is the story of the eye, the heart, the breast.

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