Personal Branding and Why You Never Want to Break Your Ankle Episode 00256

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I talk branding today and why you never want to break your ankle.

  • This is a personal branding show
  • I am so butterfly branded and I get gifts
  • I talk about breaking your ankle

    You never want a broken ankle.

  • I give examples
  • I mention Mike Mueller and how he borrowed what I do to brand myself
  • A strong personal brand makes it easy for people to find you
  • I give a tip
  • The #1 thing successful people do is blog
  • Blogs spill over to your business
  • Get blogging
  • Brand wherever you have content
  • Keep your content updated
  • Have a newsletter too
  • I use mailchimp
  • You need a clever sexy email signature
  • Mine isn’t but it is better than “yours truly”
  • share ideas with me I will shout you out
  • More branding ideas coming soon
  • I brand people
  • I coach
  • I consult


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