Stepped on a Bee – TCMLS 00255

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Stepped on a bee – not me my dog did and screwed up my podcast. Seriously I started this episode 3 times.  I wanted to talk podcasting why I started it and why you should do it to grow your business.

  • I really did record 3 times today
  • Sh*t happens
  • It happened today.
  • I scrapped the first try
  • I was 6 minutes into the second one and I heard a dog screaming in pain.
  • My precious little angel had stepped on a bee.
  • Her screams could shatter glass.
  • I was a nut case.
  • It was horrible.
  • The stinger was 3/8’s of an inch long big ass stinger
  • This will happen when you podcast too
  • I do get clients from podcasting
  • Bigger thought leaders than me podcast and admit they make money from people wanting to do business with them
  • I am a consultant/coach on social media
  • My second podcast is The Nearness of You with my dad’s love letters home from WWII
  • New one coming is “Nailed It” about buying new construction instead of a second hand home in FL we are out of houses
  • New community on FB @WorkingWomenWorld will be an interview podcast and a web tv show
  • I am not the only person with more than one podcast show.
  • Definitely podcast and there are sites on Google that will help you start one for FREE
  • Do not pay for podcast coaching
  • It takes time and practice
  • I started on an iPhone with a shotgun microphone I have gone bigger.
  • Let’s talk editing
  • You should edit – don’t leave the crap in there.
  • I laugh and have fun I have leeway but a professional show should be edited
  • Seriously
  • If you are trying to counsel an audience – edit
  • I edit my own shows now
  • I like it
  • Please edit
  • You can email me at that is my email really
  • My shows are about 15 minutes, editing and shownotes another 30 mins done
  • Don’t pay to learn podcasting don’t give other people your money
  • You can do this
  • Pay me I am very inexpensive LOL
  • You will grow your business.
  • Now I will go hug on my precious Willie the Wonder Dog and her bee stung foot.

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