Staying in Your Comfort Zone – Episode 00254 TCMLS

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Staying in your comfort zone is the best place to be if you are embarking on an entrepreneurial career.  I explain where I am uncomfortable and where my comfort lies in this episode.

Might not be yours.

  • First I need to give big shout outs to Jennifer Layton she gave me the idea for this show.
  • Jennifer likes my podcast
  • WOW it’s episode #254
  • Welcome to my drive time podcast 15 minutes
  • I tell how I tried to sell door to door and it just did not work
  • I would get sick to my stomach
  • The word no kills me
  • I can’t make cold calls either thank goodness for the “do not call list”
  • I was great as a pharmaceutical rep but I was an RN I could talk to doctors no problem
  • Plus I sold 2 of the top selling drugs in the world made my job easy
  • It is so important to be comfortable
  • I made two sales today
  • Sales I am comfortable with
  • I am well-branded – go ahead google my name
  • Don’t ever tell anyone you can do something when you can’t

    I can relate.

  • I admit what I can’t or don’t do
  • Don’t ever lie
  • Don’t ever fake it till you make it
  • And if someone asks you something you do not know tell them you will find out and get back to them
  • Never trash your competition
  • I talk about all my podcast (almost 5)
  • Come visit my workingwomenworldcommunity on Facebook
  • My comfort zone is podcasting, talking on stage, and doing what makes me feel good.
  • I talk Pinterest and Instagram before I say adios.


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Thanks you are all wonderful you too Jennifer Layton.


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