She’s Back, Sassy and Telling it Like it Is – Episode 00253

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Yes, she is back and at times sassy about telling it like it is/was and the reasons this show was put on hold for 3 months.  However things will be slightly different now, and I am not holding back although I did not name names, except for Jared Easley.  I called him out in this episode of She’s Back.

  • New shows will be about 15-20 mins long on Wednesdays only
  • I will bring people back in for interviews but now it is just Carole
  • My husband had a heart issue in February and we knew things would have to slow down
  • I am an RN and thought things would be easy – boy was I wrong’
  • If you ever are going to have a loved one in the hospital freeze meals for yourself
  • Does #Bear run around naked?
  • I explain why I was on a downer
  • Someone let me down
  • Partnerships have to be a win/win not a win/lose
  • Giving needs to be equal as does taking and it wasn’t so I was really not sure where I would take this.
  • This person did not get this.
  • Back to the beginning when there were 5 of us.
  • Then someone complains.
  • Another person complains.
  • This did not work.
  • I took it to Jared Easley.
  • He told me my show name could fit with one lady.
  • I highly recommend attending Podcast Movement this August in Anaheim.
  • Johnny and Barbara are still around and I have some older shows still recorded might be bringing those on soon.
  • Wednesdays only I will talk marketing out the wazoo.
  • So what happened?
  • Larry’s Cardiologist dumped the bad news on us that he only put a bandaid on Larry’s arteries and he would need bypass.
  • I am from Cleveland and considered Cleveland Clinic when we found a highly skilled Cardiovascular surgeon at Tampa General who was Cleveland Clinic trained.
  • We met with him and decided to have the surgery.
  • Larry was scared I was sure it was all going to be fine
  • I was told to freeze some meals I did not listen.
  • I had all these great plans I was going to work at the hospital no way.
  • Surgery went well.
  • But as he was doing pressure testing on his heart he had to put Larry on the pump and there was a hole in Larry’s heart from birth.  Tetrology of Fallot.
  • It is a miracle that we chose this surgeon who found this hole because no one else ever had in all his heart testing.
  • Everything was going well until he started to bleed.
  • It was very scary.
  • We went back to the hotel to try to rest…they called and I basically flew back to the hospital as he was going back into surgery to get the bleeder.
  • At 330AM his surgeon came and held me in his arms, kissed me on top of my head and told me “I fixed him.”
  • 5-7 days of normal heart surgery recovery turned into 11
  • I ate popcorn one night for dinner.
  • I was in survival mode which is a real thing.
  • I cannot believe he ever had this surgery, ever almost died he looks so good, does everything he did before surgery.  He is a brave man.

    Bravest Man I know.

  • Yes She’s Back but she will freeze dinners now just in case.
  • She’s Back will be back next Wednesday.
  • We will laugh.

This is Larry at 4 weeks finally allowed to drive.




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