Saving Time on Your Social Media

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Sexy Social Media Tuesdays

Today I thought would be a good day to say Happy Valentine’s Day so my gift is a way to save time on social media.

  • Use a content recommendation API
  • Machines can always work better than our brains
  • Schedule your content
  • Don’t repeat yourself
  • I schedule for Twitter every 4-5 days
  • I use
  • Great place to get info
  • Plan your content way in advance
  • Use content curation sites like alltop
  • Analyze your data
  • Use IFTTT
  • Have employees get them involved
  • Use free stock photo sites
  • Pixabay loves me
  • Have you visited my new website
  • On FB it’s workingwomenworld you can find it easily
  • Likes are nice leads are better
  • Sexy Social Media Tuesdays is a new segment
  • Join us tomorrow for Wine Weds with Carole and Johnny

Social media tips are my world.


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