Staying Positive in Tough Times – Episode 00250

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Try these tips for staying positive.

Fridays show is always something good to fine tune you, your emotional health, your physical health to get you ready to rock on Monday (if you have the weekend off that is).Listen to how staying positive can happen:

  • I started it still have issues with naming it but I got there. Fine Tune Fridays
  • I am working on being more positive – the husband still needs some doctor visits
  • There is a Civil War on FB – The Civil War of Politics
  • How to stay positive
  • Teach humanitarianism
  • Volunteer
  • Mentor someone
  • Give time – time is a gift it counts
  • Join Big Brothers or Big Sisters and give guidance
  • Teach by example
  • Don’t be the person who is arguing
  • I give an example about a high school snark ass
  • The idiot award goes to the Periodontist in the Orlando area
  • Be the opposite of him
  • Display your best at all times
  • There is always someone who needs you

There you go my show on staying positive.


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