Less Than 7 – New Show Segment Ideas – Episode 00248

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Back when my hair was straight but totally in love.

WOO HOO I have new show segment ideas thanks to Johnny Gwin.  The amazing Johnny Gwin came up with a new name for our segments and I am working on the rest.

  • Wine Wednesdays with Carole and Johnny is what we chose
  • Mondays with be Content Marketing with Barbara and Carole
  • Tuesdays is Social Media Tips
  • Thursdays will eventually be 15 minutes with thought leaders
  • Fridays are about emotional and physical health tips
  • We will keep the old show segments
  • We are just moving forward
  • Tuesdays “Getting Sexy with Social Media”
  • I like that one I am thoroughly enjoying talking about new show segments
  • Thanks for asking about Larry
  • He came home on Tuesday
  • He had a stent placed in his Circumflex artery
  • It is a tough area to stent
  • If his wonderful cardiologist had not been able to do this Larry would have needed immediate cardiac bypass surgery
  • We are being proactive we are meeting with a Cleveland Clinic trained surgeon here in Tampa next week
  • If there is a next episode it is 911 time and we don’t want that where we live, unfortunately we are too rural so off we go to Tampa
  • Lots of decisions
  • Don’t forget about http://workingwomenworld.com
  • The Crazy Marketing Ladies Show is not going anywhere we are just naming the new show segments.

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