Wednesdays with Carole and Johnny – Episode 00247

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No trash talking

Hey there friends – it’s Wednesdays with Carole and Johnny and guess what?  Johnny came up with a name for our show and he is creating the new logo too.  He is the bomb. The new name is going to be Wine Wednesdays with Carole and Johnny and yes there will be wine. Sound is off turn volume up please.

  • We start by laughing at the problem we have with names of these Wednesday shows
  • I was still puzzling over all this then today Johnny came up with an idea.
  • We are still working on the sound bear with us
  • Trash talk is what we do today
  • I was in big pharma and I never trash talked the competition
  • If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all
  • I talk about a client I did not take on – why she talked about money.
  • Anytime people talk about money leave them in the dust, you don’t need them
  • Growing together is what you want
  • Do not trash people
  • In business you will be asked about your competition
  • Let someone else give the answer don’t be the trash man
  • Use Twitter lists I have talked about this before so listen to my advice
  • Use Google alerts on your competition
  • We talk about James Bond stuff
  • Johnny has a brand new website go visit it at
  • I am

I did not have a chance to do my new website due to my husband’s little heart glitch – it is coming.



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