Less Than 6 Content Marketing Episode 00246

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Turn it right side up

Less than 6 today should have been with Barbara Grassey but an emergency intervened and today I am talking about content marketing and what to do with the negative feedback.

  • Today was an emotional stressful day
  • Still trying to wrap my head around it all
  • Let’s talk about negative feedback and managing it in a positive way
  • Not everyone will like or accept what you say
  • Always differences of opinions
  • Don’t worry about being approved seek to improve
  • Don’t get defensive watch yourself.
  • You can ignore the feedback
  • That is an option
  • Only listen to people you know is an option some dummies are jealous
  • Hear them our respond with a thank you plain and simple
  • Content marketing is a wild track to run at times so be alert but don’t let it trip you up
  • Take it with a grain of salt
  • Where is Barbara Grassey
  • I ran out of time to edit our show
  • Next week for sure.



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