Less Than 5 Today – Super Bowl Sunday – Episode 00245

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Less than 5 today is all about why my Friday show is live on Sunday, and it’s Super Bowl Sunday.  My husband is in the hospital here is the story:

  • He was doing yard work because we wanted to be able to have a good Super Bowl weekend.
  • He came into the house and said “I think I need a doctor appt”.
  • I thought his knee or shoulder but no he went on to say “I have a big pain across my chest and I am breaking out in a sweat”.
  • He knew immediately we were heading to the ER
  • His blood pressures were terrible once we got there
  • His cardiac enzymes were normal until they started repeat blood draws
  • His Troponin levels are steadily increasing
  • He has been put on a beta blocker
  • He is receiving Lovanox injections to prevent blood clots
  • He will have an echo today
  • Friday was wear red for women day
  • Women have different symptoms
  • Please be aware so you have more Super Bowl Sunday celebrations ahead of you



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