Less Than 10 – Social Media Tips – Episode 00244

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Oh the fun of not knowing what to call this episode until I put the show through post-production and see how long it runs.  Today it is Less Than 10 and I talk social media tips.

  • I get asked all the time “am I doing it right”
  • My answer is let’s talk and see where there could be improvement or maybe where you are perfect and don’t need improvement
  • I am really good at letting people know where they should be
  • It is a marathon
  • We are into February and we still have time
  • What did you do in 2016
  • What was lacking
  • How can you boom it up
  • I talk about a former client
  • How FB Live improved his business
  • Peek at the competition see what is working on their channels
  • But be original
  • Stock images?  Many people use them so you could have duplication
  • Use original photos
  • Every morning I create an image ad for my new communication site on FB Working Women World
  • Be organized
  • Plan out your hashtags
  • Have a content schedule
  • I share a content calendar I use on my fitness client
  • Work on networks that work best for you
  • I guide people where they need to be
  • Don’t forget Instagram
  • There are not hateful political posts there
  • medium is a good platform for writers
  • Just don’t use too many
  • Know your analytics
  • You have to interact
  • Ask questions
  • Create polls
  • Initiate
  • Use evergreen content
  • Do NOT boost posts on FB use the Chrome Ext Power Editor it is so sweet
  • Try new features provided to you

I hope you learned from these social media tips. I try to provide good info.


Thanks all.


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