Less Than 21 Wednesdays with Carole and Johnny – Ep 00243

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It’s Wednesday with Carole and Johnny

Yes we hit the 21 minute mark today because we share talk about horrible, sad, funny, tragic marketing mistakes on Wednesdays with Carole and Johnny.  Learn from these please:

  • We are still playing with names
  • Johnny is shocked by the gaffs some big companies made
  • We start with the floating mobile phone – it sank
  • Sensory marketing fail
  • Call it the brick instead it sank
  • The Heinz QR code that went to hardcore porn
  • Someone did not check the QR codes
  • IHOP really likes them big – kind of ticked off the women
  • Leave body parts and body activities out of advertising
  • How about Hitler Ice Cream for sale in India
  • The VW debacle
  • Russia got ticked at coca-cola when coca-cola left a major city off the map they created
  • How did that slide by?
  • I drink pop, Alabama everything is Coke, but FL it is soda.
  • Rhode Island used the country of Iceland in a video how did this happen?
  • I tell the story of the winter song with the lyrics “Hey what’s in this drink?”
  • I had a little conversation with an atty in NY who says the girl grabbed when WWII ended was sexually assaulted.  I disagreed because of it being a different time and a different place.Rabbit hole.
  • Bloomingdales had a bad one with spiking your best friends eggnog when they are not looking.  OOPS
  • Disney made a boo boo with an insensitive translation
  • The US State Dept thinks tourists are ugly – OOPS
  • I explain my photo with the misspelling in it

We discuss a few more faux pas but Wednesdays with Carole and Johnny are always fun, funny, and long.


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