Less Than 15 – Twitter Money Talk

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Don’t be afraid this bird wants to help you.

On Less Than 15 today I talk about Twitter money talk.  Who wouldn’t like to make money using Twitter?  Raise your hands, better yet, listen.

  • You know Twitter is my fav in the world of social media right?
  • Want to make some money?
  • Every successful business maintains a Twitter presence
  • Small businesses can benefit for sure
  • Be ahead of all the rest you can make money
  • Build a following
  • Spread the word that you are on Twitter
  • Use your following to monetize your service or product
  • Yes you can sell something on Twitter
  • This is essential
  • Link everything to your website
  • You need a routine regular consistent presence there
  • Think of the blue bird as your friend
  • Your Twitter account needs to be interesting so make it interesting
  • Be sexy
  • Get dynamic
  • We talked about the POV of your brand yesterday (barbara and I)
  • You can create promos
  • If you have a real product use affiliate links actually I have affiliate links for a service
  • You can try sponsored Tweets
  • You can do Twitter ads
  • I explain both
  • There are many things you can do to increase your ROI

Thanks so much you all know I love Twitter.

  • Oh wait I want to talk about my birds
  • So listen to learn about my real birds, some are still here, some have flown over the rainbow bridge.

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