Less than 15 – Content Marketing Monday – Episode 00241

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Chocolate beats Broccoli

Yes we decided on Less Than 15 and today it is Content Marketing Monday where Barbara Grassey and I discuss what else?  Lots of things we rabbit hole too.

  • We discuss how your brand needs a point of view
  • Think about that
  • Barbara discusses farting
  • Sociopaths anyone?
  • (I promise the sound improves on next episode)
  • Do not fly your freak flag
  • If you screwed something up talk about how you fixed it
  • POV comes from experiences
  • Broccoli is horrible, chocolate is good
  • Your brand is an extension of yourself
  • You should express your unique experiences
  • Yes some people will not mesh with you
  • So get rid of them up front
  • You want to be the leader not part of the pack
  • When you have a POV you trim the fat says Carole
  • You don’t have a brand if you don’t have a point of view
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Thanks everyone for joining us on content marketing Monday.


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