Less Than 5 – Relieving Stress on Social Media – Episode 00240

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We have wonderful ways – first shut down your computer and device.

Today I take Less Than 5 in the direction of relieving stress especially these days on social media.

  • I had equipment issues on Friday so my show got skipped
  • We think it is fixed now.
  • I added a mixer board piece of software called Voice Meeter Banana and it is FREE
  • Thrilled that this show is recorded and sounds good
  • Big thought leaders are posting that they are unfollowing people with political posts
  • I am on board with that.
  • I don’t want to see fake news or ugly
  • I know people are leaving I see less of some friends
  • I speak about the messenger app on my PC
  • Don’t forget if you unfollow anyone you should go into notifications and remove them there too or you will keep getting notified
  • Try adult coloring books I want ones with big pictures not those itty-bitty spaces that stresses me LOL
  • Read some fiction take a break from business books
  • PBS – Poldark, Victoria Downton Abbey
  • Leave the world behind it helps

Thank you so much for being a fan and have less stress on social media.


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