Less than 15 New Year Old Marketing Tips – Episode 000239

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Today’s show is all about taking action.

Less than 15 actually goes about 7 minutes and I talk about it still being the New Year so let’s embrace so old marketing tips and use these tips for social media.

  • Welcome to Thursday and it’s still the beginning of the year
  • What are your potential customers seeing
  • Please have the same photos everywhere and not one from 30 years ago
  • Get your bios tweaked
  • Share more quality content
  • Use friend finding features on social media platforms
  • You know what the “fold” is I explain it
  • Links to your social accounts at the top of your website
  • Emails must have your social media in the signature
  • Check to see if you are cross connected on social media sites
  • Make sure they use the other sites before following/connecting
  • Use Twitter search to find matching people to you
  • Twitter advertising
  • Facebook is a wonderful search engine
  • I share good tips on FB
  • Think groups
  • Do hashtag searches on Twitter
  • Track them on Instagram
  • Be careful on LinkedIn
  • Join groups where your customers are
  • Comment on LinkedIn blog posts
  • Now go re-vamp or get started using these tips for social media
  • Fridays are about helping YOU feel and do better in your personal life.

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