Less Than 15 – Barbara Grassey and Carole Sanek Talk – Ep 00236

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Your one-stop place for a blog and a newsletter which is what we discuss.

Yes today on Less than 15 (note the name change) Barbara Grassey and I talk about what you own on social media and a lot of other things too.

  • I know we still have funky sound we are working on that
  • I talk Michael Stelzner and Joe Pulizzi today
  • You own only 2 pieces of real estate on social media
  • You own your newsletter and a blog
  • Barbara gives really good examples of what not to do on Facebook
  • Blog, blog, blog
  • Do it on WordPress it is the best
  • Barbara talks about the rough parts of meetup and Facebook
  • Bring people to your own real estate.
  • Landing pages – I start talking about how cool they are and how to use them without paying for FB ads.
  • Barbara talks contests
  • Wicked Whoopi discussion
  • Barbara likes chocolate Carole giggles
  • I charge $249 for 5 pages of a WordPress blog
  • I have everything written down
  • Barbara talks about the best way to do a newsletter
  • We discuss MeetEdgar.com and how Barbara got a tee-shirt damn
  • We will do a show on this eventually
  • http://barbaragrassey.com
  • http://carolesanek.com

And with that Barbara Grassey and Carole Sanek say we are out of here see you next Monday.


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