Less Than 5 – Wednesdays with Carole and Johnny – Episode 00233

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Less than 5 today on Wednesdays with Carole and Johnny is all about why I am reinventing myself.

  • Johnny asked about my philosophical change
  • My podcast went crazy, it grew in all kinds of directions
  • It ended up with 3 segments and was confusing
  • I had started this show as marketing tips for entrepreneurs
  • I was told this might not work, it got crazy.
  • I lost 8 shows one day and that is awful but I truly wasn’t that upset
  • It wasn’t the end of the world
  • I let everyone know – they all agreed to come back and I have not done anything about that
  • I knew I was moving on I decided to stay with Less Than 5
  • Longer interviews will go over to http://workingwomenworld.com
  • Obviously things have changed again
  • I wanted to bring it back to center
  • I learned a lot listening to Katie Krimitsos
  • She talked about how she made $15,000 a month over Nov and Dec
  • I made the decision then and there to change it all out
  • Again it is changing LOL
  • Johnny dropped a show this year he gets it
  • There was also an issue with time and editing, post production takes time
  • If something isn’t working for you step back and think about it (don’t cry)
  • Johnny said he would have lost 48 hours of his time if it had happened to him
  • Johnny applauds me
  • I am having Power Stories on http://workingwomenworld.com and while I do say no men, I will absolutely add men when they support us.
  • www.johnnygwin.com
  • Johnny is in Mobile Alabama
  • Come visit http://workingwomenworld.com
  • You can also find me at http://carolesanek.com

Come back soon we are always here on Weds with Wednesdays with Carole and Johnny

We have no borders and yes we like men to be here too.



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