Less Than 5 – Content Marketing Mondays – Episode 00231

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And we are back with another Monday episode (recorded in the morning coming live to you in the evening) with Barbara Grassey my guest co-host on Mondays.

  • We still have sound issues but in several weeks we will be better I promise
  • I tripped all over my words of course
  • Entrepreneurs have problems doing social media the right way
  • We decide to narrow it down
  • Please stop asking people to click your junk (watch it)
  • My pet peeve is people asking me to like their pages after I accept them as a friend
  • I hate that
  • I unfriend them
  • Barbara says Twitter is like that
  • The auto thanks people send asking you to “click my junk”
  • Rabbit holes here we go
  • Barbara wants to be told how to be skinny
  • If you have not been very very sick you don’t care about being healthy
  • We do not like these creepy people who use social media to sell their stuff
  • I want to go to Content Marketing World in Cleveland (my home town)
  • Check it out
  • Barbara uses the word parsimonius
  • She also gives away a ton of info for free
  • Barbara tells the world she has hired me in the past
  • YAY ME
  • You have to hire people if you want to expand your business we discuss this a little
  • We went 11 minutes oh well
  • http://barbaragrassey.com
  • http://www.facebook.com/barbaragrasseythebookboss
  • I am http://carolesanek.com

Thanks everyone.

The Book Boss


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