Less Than 5 – Why Aren’t You Podcasting? – Episode 00227

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However you can do this with your phone too.

Why aren’t you podcasting?  Well, why aren’t you podcasting? Let’s listen to why I think you should be:

  • If you have a small business or are an entrepreneur why are you not podcasting?
  • Intimacy with your audience is one reason.
  • You can start podcasting for less than $100
  • I tell you how I did it
  • Now other than the time it takes me it costs me $20 per month
  • You can do this
  • You don’t need all the fancy stuff to get started
  • You get the entire playground to yourself.
  • Many of us do it the right way like me
  • There are so many possibilities
  • You can share ideas
  • You can review products
  • You can interview experts
  • You can interview consumers
  • There are multiple channels
  • You can advertise it everywhere I do.
  • My podcast is monetized by the business I get from listeners
  • Go do something crazy like podcasting.

Thanks all.


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