Less Than 5 – Content Creation with Barbara Grassey – Episode 00226

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And we are off.  It is our first episode of content marketing with Barbara Grassey and we are all over the place which usually happens when she and I get to talking.

  • Hello 2017 and welcome Barbara Grassey
  • I do not have a hangover (it was new years)
  • We laugh over the issue with a certain singer on NYE
  • But the truth of the matter is singers do lip sync
  • Who can dance and sing without having a heart attack?
  • Barbara gives her thoughts
  • I talk about movies that have had to dub in
  • Marlon Brando in “The Godfather” with the cat – redubbed in
  • Cat was purring
  • Leave the gun, take the cannoli
  • Barbara Grassey intros herself
  • Born in Boston
  • Then Atlanta, then FL, then California, Hawaii and back to FL
  • Once upon a time she thought about stand up comedy
  • She even took classes in it
  • Along the way she started editing writing for people in the real estate field
  • She has written over 50 projects
  • Sorry about the sound levels we are working on that
  • I talk about driving because Barbara Grassey had to get up at 4AM to take her boyfriend to the airport
  • I talk about my 105mph escapade
  • Again we are working on the sound
  • We talk cars
  • Cars and content marketing who knew?
  • We do have fun.
  • You can reach Barbara Grassey at barbaragrassey.com
  • I am http://carolesanek.com

Thanks all be back next Monday with Barbara Grassey


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