Less Than 5 – Part 1 Social Media 2017 – Episode 00217

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More social media tips starting with Twitter

Less Than 5 started today with Willie the Wonder Dog in the studio misbehaving so I started over and put her in the timeout chair.

  • I got so tangled up in Twitter today it is the only platform I speak about but that’s all cool I can talk about the other 3 in separate shows.
  • Yes some entrepreneurs are still doing social media ALL wrong
  • 319,000,000 users
  • Good for business to business
  • There is no magic number for how many tweets
  • I do 20-40 per day.
  • I use meetedgar.com
  • My posts get saved and repurposed with meetedgar
  • Tweet the same tweet over again it’s cool
  • Use Twitter as a listening tool
  • Trending topics invite you in to talk
  • follow hashtags
  • Twitter is not hard.
  • Give influencers some love
  • Join celebrity conversations
  • It’s easy
  • Don’t just tweet, include a twitter handle

I will be back to talk about more social media advice.  Next up Facebook.


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