Less Than 5 – Content Marketing – Episode 00216

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Happy Content Marketing Monday

Happy Content Marketing Monday

And here we are again back on a Monday with content marketing and lots of what it is and why you need to be on track.

  • Are you ready to tackle content marketing for 2017
  • Inbound marketing same thing
  • You need to inspire your audience
  • Video/audio/infographics all that good stuff, blogs, ebooks you got it
  • It contrasts with advertising
  • It is used to distract your audience
  • You send it to contact points
  • You want to tease people to do business with you
  • It is owned media
  • You produce it in everything you do
  • It lives on your website or blog or email newsletter
  • Got that?
  • Content marketing is using any type of content to attract an audience
  • You want them to purchase or try your product or service
  • The primary focus is the audience
  • Build an audience
  • You become the thought leader
  • YAY for content marketing
  • You use it to generate traffic without selling

Thanks for listening now go work on your content marketing.

It’s National Chicken Soup for the Soul day – go have some.


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