Less Than 5 – Let’s Talk Branding – Episode 00212

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Good Branding Needs no Drum Roll.

Good Branding Needs no Drum Roll.

On Less Than 5 today I got a bug to talk branding so let’s listen:

  • Yesterday’s show spurned me onward to talk more about what you own
  • Branding
  • It’s not about what you do on social media
  • Are you writing anything?
  • Articles, eBooks, blog, newsletter and is it consistent
  • I am working on a new content calendar
  • I batch work now.  This is like focusing on “The One Thing”
  • I blog on Tuesdays goes out as a newsletter on the following Monday
  • Remember you own email newsletters and blogs
  • Next start speaking
  • There are plenty of places to do public speaking
  • You have knowledge it is worth something talk about it
  • Facebook Live
  • Every day
  • Check your insights and go live when your fans are on Facebook
  • 15 minutes for sure
  • Yes some people will jump off but who cares they are not your customers

Tomorrow is WTF with Carole and Johnny.

Branding is what makes you a celebrity, a rock star, do it.


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