Less Than 5 – Content Marketing – Episode 00201

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If it's Monday it is about content marketing.

If it’s Monday it is about content marketing.

Content Marketing is here are you ready?

  • Meeting with Barbara Grassey tomorrow and we will discuss bringing her on the show
  • Communication is important
  • Content marketing is different than marketing
  • It can be super sophisticated it might require ads
  • It is an invite to take readers/listeners on a journey
  • Hopefully it will generate a relationship
  • Conversational. human.  not selling.
  • Let me tell you a story
  • I have a story to share with you
  • Create great content let others share it
  • Will your content build a connection?
  • Useful information is what you want to provide
  • This is your main reason
  • You want them to make purchase decisions
  • You can present content in so many different ways
  • It can be consumed in different ways
  • Measurable results come in
  • It is also known as inbound marketing
  • You want to inspire your audience to take action
  • Podcasting is content marketing

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