Jenna the Vampire Slayer Part 1 – TCMLS: Episode 00106

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Lady in yellow - and it suits her entire personality.

Lady in yellow – and it suits her entire personality.

Meet Jenna the vampire slayer in this show and it is ONLY part 1.

  • We met at a conference in Las Vegas when I spotted this red head in yellow walking with her people.
  • I wanted to know who this woman was immediately
  • Women in Film is what she was at the conference to discuss and it wasn’t on my list to attend but I went
  • Then I ended up on red carpet by podcasting the IAWTV awards
  • I talk about who I met while doing interview (you would know some).
  • Then there is Jenn Page – who does so much in film and she played a role too
  • Jenna was producing the show
  • Deb Cole was our lady in red at the red carpet
  • Jenna wants me to think about “being in film”
  • It is starting to happen
  • Jenna brings me back down to earth – red carpets happen all the time in Hollywood but it was my first time and I loved every minute of it.
  • Jenna calls me a rockstar I will take that
  • Academy of Web Television – the cream de la cream – and it was a wonderful experience
  • Jenna lives in Hollywood
  • And yes she helped me with my connections and making new connections
  • Jenna works in independent film
  • More and more independent film makers are all over the country
  • Jenna said “Universal Studios” like hello it’s close and they make a lot of TV there
  • We have a ding in the background
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Thanks to
Mutant Enemy
Kuzui Enterprises
Sandollar Television
20th Century Fox Television

  • Jenna inherited Buffy the Vampire’s power
  • Every time Jenna thought she was going to give up she would get a role
  • She tried out for Buffy and did not get the part.
  • Jenna is a “chubby” actor-her words.
  • You will learn in this story that actors can be products.
  • She was ready to go back to Minnesota when the call came that she was booked on Buffy
  • She was still unsure she had the part and was thrilled to be filming with Joss Whedon
  • She still wasn’t sure she had the part
  • Insecurity reigns supreme in Hollywood
  • Her role was to block a punch – she had 7 seconds of film
  • Joss Whedon gets a big shout out from Jenna
  • Jenna was in the absolute last scene of Buffy The Vampire Slayer
  • Jenna tells a story from years later because of that scene
  • Karmic responsibility
  • The woman she is talking to bursts into tears when she recognizes Jenna from the show.
  • The scene Jenna was in gave that woman the courage to leave an abusive boyfriend
  • Jenna is the woman who inherited Buffy’s power (I want to borrow them).
  • I talk about meeting James McEachin of Colombo and what he shared with me about a well-known star
  • and the songwriter’s meetup in Key West
  • The minute you move to Hollywood be nice to everyone is what you get told as soon as you move to Hollywood
  • Once upon a time Jenna was the PA to a production co it is the lowest of the low job
  • She learned though and then 3 years later she had finished her 1st feature and was not a producer which is at the top of the totem pole.
  • Barry London comes into play – he ran Paramount for years (Wayne’s World and Forrest Gump for examples)
  • She invites him to lunch
  • Jenna has questions
  • She said “You realize you are Barry London, and I am me.”
  • His response is amazing.
  • His other luncheon date arrives, turns out to be with the man she worked for as a PA
  • He asks her to stay – talk about great timing right?
  • Jenna believes social media has changed Hollywood
  • She gives examples
  • I share how dumb social media hurts
  • Jenna loves yellow and tells why
  • Jenna has a course on
  • Jenna wants conversation not arguments
  • #dogsofpodcasting
  • Willie is on my studio table
  • Jenna wants you to back up your opinion with reason
  • Jenna gets on a soapbox
  • We talk about bloggers and blogs
  • Then we talk about the asshat that was outing gay athletes at the Olympics this summer
  • I get on a soapbox too – you know all those health care products, oils, and supplements
  • Part 2 will tell you what Jenna does so come back
  • We get the giggles


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