Less Than 5 – Focus Recess – Episode 00200

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Episode 200 YAY ME.

Episode 200 YAY ME.

WOWZA it is Episode 200 and I am thrilled with that.  5 days a week means 40 weeks.  YAY ME.

  • Well here we are 40 weeks later still talking about taking a break from your work routine on the weekend to recharge your batteries.
  • It is almost Thanksgiving here in the states.
  • My birthday is also coming in this next weekend
  • I loved it as a kid lots of relatives for the holiday and my birthday
  • My son reminded me of the biggest bird I ever made 27 lbs.
  • I make a Michael Symon turkey
  • It is delicious
  • Stuffing outside the bird
  • The engineer makes the stuffing
  • My brother is no longer with us, and I miss him so – he died of AIDS that makes it sad for me but we still celebrate him
  • We are shopping this weekend.
  • We have a special invite to attend a store event on Sat at 8AM
  • We will stop at other stores like yay Sharper Image
  • Total Wine is on the list $100 of wine for $85 not bad
  • We do red and sparkling on Thanksgiving
  • We drink sparkling while decorating our trees
  • We do not eat in on Christmas many places are open
  • We then go to a movie
  • Our families are everywhere
  • We will also be gardening on Sunday
  • Shop, shop, shop and garden – how lovely
  • No Christmas music allowed till after Thanksgiving
  • Have a wonderful focus recess weekend all – Monday content marketing.

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