WTF with Carole and Johnny – Episode 00198

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Here's Carole

Here’s Carole

WTF with Carole and Johnny is here and today it is about Facebook live.

  • I don’t like myself in video
  • My hair drives me crazy and so does my nose
  • Johnny pays me compliments
  • Blushing.
  • Johnny is using the Zoom app
  • Videos can be done on the cheap while still look good
  • Johnny gives some great advice
  • Johnny is doing Container Yard Live from his business in Mobile

    Here's Johnny!

    Here’s Johnny!

  • He uses a MEVO camera that looks like a broadcast studio
  • A whole new way to reach a lot of people.
  • Johnny gives great advice and gives an example of a one day car sale
  • I am funnier?  Johnny is too.
  • I was on Wheel of Fortune I am funny.

Thanks y’all.


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