Power Women Speak – Katie Lance – TCMLS: Episode 104

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When Katie Lance speaks people listen.

When Katie Lance speaks people listen.

It’s a power women speak episode with the super thought leader in social media in the real estate industry, Katie Lance.  Now don’t let that throw you a curve ball, Katie’s advice on her website and blog do travel to other businesses so let’s get ready to listen.

  • I have been friends with Katie for a while on FB
  • The last time NAR was here in Orlando I met her for real and possibly hugged her too hard
  • Katie Lance is THE social media thought leader in the real estate industry for sure
  • She had a NutriGrain for breakfast
  • We talk about their newer home
  • (I admit I troll her) – ha not really we engage on FB so I do see her posts
  • We talked about how millenials don’t have credit cards so how do they build credit
  • I ask Katie Lance how she got started
  • Answer she went to work for a boutique agency in the SF Bay area
  • She learned a lot about social media.and her boss took her to an Inman conference
  • An ad showed up that they wanted someone with her style she applied, she got hired
  • In 2012 she opened Katie Lance Consulting and she speaks all over the country
  • We chat about the success of her group on FB Get Social Smart
  • We talk webinars, social media platforms and how Twitter is a great way to connect with the media (are you listening?)
  • Katie Lance is all about content
  • We talk story telling
  • Connecting at conferences
  • We segue to wine chat
  • We chat about “unconferences”
  • Going outside your niche
  • Now Katie Lance has Get Social Smart Academy
  • Katie has built herself and her family passive income – and passive income is a fantastic way to make money
  • I explain how I don’t do face to face networking much anymore and my hashtag #GoVirtual
  • If you want to know more about Katie Lance head to www.katielance.com
  • Her blog and newsletter subscriptions are there
  • Then Katie Lance drops the bomb on me, she doesn’t cook, her husband does.
  • Her best advice for anyone in real estate and basically anyone FACEBOOK LIVE

Thank you ALL so much and I have an incredible line up of shows as Season 2 comes to an end.


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