Haters Happen – TCMLS: Episode 00103

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Janice gives a wonderful interview about haters.

Janice gives a wonderful interview about haters.

Haters happen without a doubt.  This episode I interview Janice Person, who has had to deal with the mean, the ugly, the trolls, the despicables and more in her career.  Janice shares great advice here on how you should handle all of the above if it ever happens to you and trust me, it can, it may, it will at one time or another.

  • We met at a food and wine conference
  • We dive right in to talk about haters,
  • Why is it so easy to be haters on social media
  • Anonymity
  • Janice has even had issues on her blog with haters.
  • I talk about the haters I have seen in my career in big pharma and how people do not realize big pharma is in the business of treatment not cures.
  • Cures are worked on at the university level and in private labs and wake up there have not been many cures for anything over thousands of years.
  • We talk about my reaction to her place of employment
  • We talk about PETA (my story)
  • Some haters are only venting and are not really mean and ugly
  • Other haters spend all their energy hating
  • Some are serial haters
  • Janice thinks trolls are the worst
  • She encourages conversation so people can move on
  • I tell the cruise line story
  • Negativity breeds more what?  More negativity.
  • We talk about her talk at SXSW where the crowd was interested in how to handle haters
  • Find out what Janice does after a tough day at the office
  • On her own FB wall she reminds nasty people that her mom and her 14 y/o niece are friends and can see what people write esp with political talk
  • We get serious about threats
  • She has had to take threats to the police and corporate security
  • Janice reminds all of us – go ahead make threats on line – you will be found the FBI gets called in
  • She likes to remind people to think about their moms before posting.
  • We diverge and talk about her love of cotton – remember Janice works with farmers.

You can reach her at jplovescotton.com

or janiceperson.com

Thank you all and please be kind(er).


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