Go Beyond Your Dreams with Barbara Brekke – TCMLS: Episode 00102

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Go Beyond Your Dreams

Go Beyond Your Dreams

Go Beyond Your Dreams is the name of Barbara Brekke’s website and she will teach you how to do this all you have to do is listen.

  • People pronounce her name “Breck”
  • We have not met yet but we will fix that
  • I asked Barbara what she had for breakfast – she didn’t eat LOL
  • I have a pun
  • Eye roll
  • Barbara is a professional speaker and she belongs to Toastmasters
  • She is a distinguished toastmaster
  • 820,000 members can you imagine?
  • Shout out to Donald Kelley The Sales Evangelist
  • We talk about public speaking
  • Crutchwords so, um, hmmm, and, so, you know
  • We talk about Chicago
  • I lived there 3 times met the love of my life there
  • Barbara grew up on far north side almost out of city limits
  • Cubs Fan
  • Barbara went to Roger Sullivan High School where my daughter went to high school
  • Chicago has the best food – Barbara gets Lou Malnati’s pizza sent to her.
  • Portillo’s is here in Tampa now – we are getting Chicago-fied
  • We talk about Trader Joe’s and how we finally got one.
  • We talk about the expansion going on in Tampa
  • Barbara came out of a dysfunctional family so we switch gears
  • I admit to having imaginary friends as a teenager
  • At 15 Barbara had to leave her family her world as she knew it was gone in 2 days
  • We were more subdued than the kids of today
  • I cannot stand it when people yell it goes back to my childhood
  • Just speak stop yelling
  • To me yelling can be a tone of voice
  • How about people who type in all caps
  • We talk about what Barbara used to do and she does miss it, but we do have more sunshine
  • She is married to her high school sweetheart
  • She has a 20 year old cat. Luke
  • She trapped and rescued a feral cat and it took a year to calm that cat down
  • We share memories about The Tree House in Chicago – a cat rescue.
  • Barbara is all about rescuing animals
  • Pop’s for Champagne is now located downtown Chicago used to be at 2934 N Sheffield
  • We just couldn’t stop talking about food
  • We bring it back to center
  • If you can see a light, if you can see a path you can make positive change
  • Barbara has a book and this book will help you take the walk to change
  • There will be a workbook
  • You can find Barbara Brekke at gobeyondyourdreams.com
  • You can email her at Barbara@gobeyondyourdreams.com
  • Or call her 813-751-5420
  • The craziest thing Barbara ever did that worked – she made a plan when she was moved in 2 days and she went to work at a taffy apple factory at 15
  • Barbara’s book ” Dream Weaver Goal Achiever “ is available on Amazon
  • We went a little crazy today

Thank you ALL for listening.



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