Less Than 5 – Content Marketing – Episode 00176

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It is Content Marketing Monday.

It is Content Marketing Monday.

Content marketing Monday is here YAY.  And today I really want you to appreciate the art of re-purposing content for content marketing, OK?

  • Let’s extend the life of your content
  • No I don’t make up content I create it LOL
  • Re-purposing content is my middle name in content marketing
  • People do not see your content so put it out there again
  • People are not on social media all day – re-purpose it
  • I brag a little but I got taken down
  • Multiple shares get found BINGO
  • Change a few things out, the title the photo
  • I love meetedgar.com learn why
  • Share share share your content marketing
  • Use automatic posts
  • Use meetedgar.com
  • They should pay me
  • Use meetedgar.com
  • I keep throwing that software out there
  • Re-send your newsletters to those that did not open it – good job for a VA
  • I will be back to talk about re-purposing content and content marketing.

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