Practicing Law from a Female Point of View – TCMLS: Episode 00101

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Need a family law atty in the Tampa Bay area?  Here she is.

Need a family law atty in the Tampa Bay area? Here she is.

Practicing Law from a female point of view is chock full of stories, advice, and going down the rabbit hole and my guest spells it all out for you if you are considering a career as an attorney.

  • Debora Diaz is an entrepreneur/solopreneur
  • Debora practices family law
  • I chat about why I chose a female attorney
  • Why when asked yes and/or no are perfectly acceptable answers under oath.
  • Debora is honored to practice law.
  • She started with a degree in labor relations
  • I ask about who should talk to an intellectual property attorney.
  • People are always looking for license violations
  • We chat about this
  • Right after law school Debora took the bar exam in FL
  • She knew she wanted to live here and work here.
  • We talk about people and their devices
  • 1/2 of her class was women
  • We talk about law shows on TV and her answer is surprising
  • We rabbit hole
  • We talk foreign languages
  • Back to law
  • What areas should today’s students think about
  • We talk about the OJ trial and the words “If the glove doesn’t fit; you must acquit.”
  • What Debora does when not working

You can fine her at

On Facebook as Debora A Diaz and on Twitter as @deboradiazlaw

By the way Debora has very good taste, she likes my #LessThan5 morning shows.

You should listen in. Also if you live in the Greater Tampa Bay area – and you need a female attorney who specializes in Family Law – contact her.



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