Power Women Speak – Rena Romano – Episode 00100

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Power Woman WOO HOO

Power Woman WOO HOO

Power Women Speak is reserved for women who have achieved a certain power level in their lives. We have had authors, women in film, coaches, speakers, charitable women and more in this segment.  Today we have Rena Romano and she has been through a lot in her life.  I call her my WOO HOO girl.  We are at episode 100!

And now for your listening pleasure:

  • Rena Romano has been on the show before but I did not interview her.
  • Rena is a motivational speaker, coach and author
  • She will tell you how the Oprah Show saved her life
  • Rena tells her group therapy story
  • How she broke the victim mold
  • We move on to what Rena is doing now
  • renaromano.com
  • you can shop at her site to be unstoppable yourself
  • The Unstoppable Mindset
  • She no longer listens to the news
  • We close with Rena being on Oprah
  • Great story how she literally jumped ship to be on Oprah

There you have it, Rena Romano is an amazing woman, a great motivational speaker and coach.  Visit her website for more info. Rena Romano can always be found helping others, she is a super friend, a super woman.




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