HappyHer an Adventurous Duo on the Road to Finding Happy Women Episode 00099

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HappyHer what is that?  Well I decided the best way to describe it was to go to their website and “borrow” their description:

HappyHer was born with the purpose of capturing the beauty of travel and the magic of stories we discover along the way. With a passion for film, creating change and some serious wanderlust, Cornelia and Lindsey have set off on a journey to meet women from around the world and to hear their stories.

Meet the ladies:





Lindsey and Cornelia - the happiness duo.

Lindsey and Cornelia – the happiness duo.

Ready?  Listen!

  • I first met Lindsey Middleton in Las Vegas when I worked the red carpet at the IAWTV award show.
  • She won an award that night – we exchanged cards and BAM she contacted me
  • Now she and Cornelia Audrey have a new show called HappyHer
  • Cornelia is a natural born adventurer
  • She has visited 26 countries
  • They love living in Toronto
  • The episodes of HappyHer are wonderful
  • http://www.happyhertheseries.com/
  • Go there and learn more
  • They wanted to travel and they made it happen
  • Let’s create something while traveling
  • HappyHer was born
  • Backpacking and filming
  • http://www.corneliaaudrey.com/
  • http://www.lindseymiddleton.ca
  • Lindsey shares how Wifi was better in Asia than Australia
  • YAY iPhone6 great quality and that is what they use – just like me they use the same mic I do with that shotgun mic
  • There have been a few language barriers but they have gotten by
  • They filmed in Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia over 121 days
  • Favorite countries – Cornelia – Cambodia and Australia
  • The bus ride from Malaysia to Singapore was one of “those” adventures
  • Follow them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HappyHerTheSeries/
  • Cornelia did tell her mom the times that “adventures” happened once home
  • Research yes but learning from locals is wonderful
  • We go back to the series itself
  • Family, community, friends, dancing, laughing came across the board as similarities.
  • Views on happiness in SE Asia were simpler
  • They ask “is happiness a choice” and the answer they got in one interview is very interesting
  • Lindsey answers what makes her happy
  • Then it’s Cornelia’s turn
  • What is coming in HappyHer – you will learn
  • The answer is GOOD THINGS
  • They are in pre-production
  • You absolutely need to go to their website http://www.happyhertheseries.com
  • Check them out HappyHerTheSeries on Facebook, Instagram and more
  • What you do shouldn’t feel like work was the answer I got when I asked about advice.
  • They love what they do.

Wasn’t that fun?  You have to watch.  The opening, the music, all fun.  Watch their show.

Thanks all and thanks Apple for creating a phone that makes all our work simpler, audio, photos, videos


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