The Book Boss Barbara Grassey – Part 2 – TCMLS: Episode 00098

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The Book Boss

The Book Boss

The Book Boss with Barbara Grassey is back with Part 2 and we go down the rabbit hole several times but we always come back up with good advice and tips and ideas.

  • Barbara answers the age old question “Why do I need a book?”
  • How about credibility
  • If you are at a cocktail party doesn’t saying you are an author sound better than saying you are a dental hygienist?
  • The biggest reason of course is to make your mom proud.
  • We discuss how people forget how to be happy
  • I tell my bookmark story
  • Barbara mentions M & Ms
  • How about turning your blog into a book?
  • Rabbit hole
  • Cruising
  • What line we don’t cruise
  • More rabbit holes
  • Now we are back
  • Barbara talks about the online promises made about writing a book in 3 days
  • Why you should not do those
  • Your book is your brand builder
  • Speaking of brands they have a big event in Hilton Head
  • 3 day event with 3 mos of followup coaching
  • Get in groups on Facebook
  • Writers of Non-Fiction group is great
  • You have to have enough material to write a book
  • Make time to write it
  • Do not procrastinate
  • Know your worth – you have worth you are bringing it to the book
  • Find Barbara on Facebook
  • More rabbit holes

Thanks for listening I know we went in a lot of different directions but we had fun.



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