Creating Memorable Networking Connections TCMLS: Episode 00017

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Kellye Dash - the connector and owner of The Busy Buddy

Kellye Dash – the connector and owner of The Busy Buddy

In this episode:

I share with you information on how to create quality interactions with connections. Those connections can be memorable if you follow-up timely and make an impression! So, how do you do that?

Attend a networking event with the goal of meeting a number of connections, but you don’t have to meet with everyone. Make quality connections by asking about them and then listen.

Quality connections are made when people are authentic.

Specific quality connections may be described as a new client, referral partner, strategic partner, vendor, mentor, collaborator…

When meeting with new connections and asking question, allow them the opportunity to share! You’ll get your chance. Give a couple minutes and expect them to reciprocate. If that does not happen, then that wasn’t the right connection or right time. So, move on. Your next move may be your best connection!

Don’t show your (business) card too soon. If they don’t ask for it, don’t give it. If they’re interested in you, believe me – they’ll ask. Give your card for genuine opportunities to connect later.

Don’t shove your business card in people’s hands. Don’t be that lady who I watched walk around the networking room handing out their business card to everyone she passed, without even a conversation. 

If you say you’re going to follow up, then please do it. Have a plan and follow through. Determine which connections will receive a 1) call to schedule an onsite meeting; 2) an email; or, my favorite 3) a THANK YOU card! Not just a Thank you card but a hand-written than you card!

Whether you expect to follow up with a call, an email or a thank you card,…  the key is to follow up timely and with a plan!

How can you be memorable…

Help people connect

There’s an opportunity to connect people when you take the information you learned from listening to one and sharing it with another. When you can help create a business relationship between two people – that is MAGIC!

Be unique & stand out

Send a fun unique card that stands out. A business card with your company name on it is nice – fine – but a fun thank you card that stands out will get noticed. Make it really unique and it may end up a pushpin / cork board or even better the desk where all office guests will be curious and impressed.

Send a thank you card that has a colorful envelope. Color will stand out from the junk mail or from the standard ‘boring’ mail normally received.

Think about it – Those thank you cards are kept for a long time. Do you throw away the thank you cards you receive? Do you receive thank you cards is the better question? … there you go! So, stand out, be memorable.

Who doesn’t like thank you cards! Sending a card will leave the door open for continuing the dialog. The recipient is thankful for the thoughtful action and may be more apt to accept your call or invitation to meet.

Link to ideas for fun and unique thank you cards:

If you have any comments or questions I can help answer, I’d love to hear from you. You can find more information about me on my website or you can contact me directly at

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Until then… thanks for stopping through.