The Book Boss – Barbara Grassey – Part 1 – TCMLS Episode 00097

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The Book Boss

The Book Boss

Today is Part 1 of a two part interview with Barbara Grassey The Book Boss.  She is THE BOSS.  Not like Springsteen of course, but she is still the boss – The Book Boss.  First we go down about a dozen rabbit holes but that is what makes this a fun and informative interview.

  • Yes, we have been friends for a while now
  • Barbara has written over 50 books, course manuals, ghost written for people and eBooks too.
  • She is working on a fiction book
  • We dive into the bad check story and getting paid
  • We turn the corner into what Barbara drives and she gives great mood lifting advice
  • I tell my story about being a drag racing woman
  • We turn another corner and end up talking about drag queens and segue into more stories
  • We segue into talking about writing a book
  • First reality check DO NOT WRITE A BOOK TO GET RICH
  • How to get paid with your book as a speaker
  • This is huge
  • How marketing on social media is SO important
  • I tell the Elizabeth Gilbert story
  • Barbara drops Michael Gerber’s name
  • We both give a shout out to Bob Burg and donuts
  • I mention I am interviewing Andrea Waltz of the book “Go For No”
  • We chat about parable books and why they work
  • We learn Barbara taught Comedy Traffic School (not for serious offenders) because things taught with humor are retained more
  • Edutainment vs Infotainment
  • I tell another story about James McEachin and his book Farewell to the Mockingbirds” and Dr. Ruth too
  • Barbara emphasizes even well known authors HAVE to market their books
  • She talks Amazon
  • We talk book tours
  • More reality here – it takes 3 books to get traction in most cases
  • You HAVE to be marketing your book a long time before it is released.
  • A good publishing house will look at all this:
  • Blog (and how many subscribers)
  • Website visitors
  • Facebook and Twitter fans and followers 8-10K of them
  • Average book sells only 3000 copies in it’s lifetime
  • Not enough money for sure to support you
  • Barbara shares her opinion why self-publishing is often better
  • There is the time it takes to write it
  • You need a good editor (that will cost $$$)
  • Interior layout
  • Cover
  • Under $500 without cost of editing
  • Why she uses and likes
  • Again why use a publishing house?
  • More tips
  • There are exceptions sometimes your first book will hit the mark
  • Need to market NOW not after
  • I talk about all the great authors using Twitter
  • Trick to Amazon
  • NYTimes Best Seller
  • Companies that will buy a lot of your books and get you there
  • More examples

And we were out of time and decided to turn this into a Part 2 – with less rabbit holes.


If you want to contact Barbara Grassey you can find her here:

Absolutely come back next week for Part 2.


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