Less Than 5 – Social Media Leads – Episode 00152

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Think world

Think world

Less Than 5 today is about social media leads making them better, finding them using them – let’s get listening!

  • Put your contacts on ALL your social media platforms
  • I send everyone I meet a LInkedIn invite as soon as I get home from an event. Then I move to Twitter and last of all FB.
  • Put people on a custom list on FB and then you will only see those you want to see – cool beans
  • Twitter has lists too wake up LinkedIn Google+ has circles
  • I give tips on what to talk about
  • Send personal emails – seriously
  • Get creative with your subject lines
  • Always tell (remind) people where you met
  • You will cultivate new customers on your social media lead program
  • I talk about WTF with Carole and Johnny
  • We will be talking about great tips bad tips and we will laugh

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