Classy Girl – Tiare Smith, Artpreneur – TCMLS: Episode 00096

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Last November I was at the bottom of Dunn River Falls in Jamaica trying not to fall when I met the beautiful woman I am talking with today, Tiare Smith aka Classy Girl.  She grabbed my hand and we were wading in the water watching all these people climb the falls.  Tiare is a wonderful artist and entrepreneur and I had a lovely time interviewing her.  Ready?  Get set! And listen!

  • I was on the Podcaster’s in Paradise cruise and we had private classes going on.
  • I could smell paint so I peeked across the hall and saw that there was an art class
  • What did Tiare have for breakfast today?
  • Tiare and Robert are eating more healthy these days
  • Robert is modeling for their local health club
  • When I met Tiare we talked about what she was teaching on board the cruise
  • Why doesn’t Tiare paint faces on a lot of her work
  • Tiare paints angels and flowers – she likes the ease in painting these
  • Tiare is self-taught as an artist
  • Prior to being an #artpreneur Tiare worked in the crafting industry
  • Before that she was a call center manager
  • We talk about massage
  • How to find Tiare
  • We talk about how we visited a cave in Jamaica and there were bats
  • Tiare puts interesting little things in her creations
  • Tiare and I have a Chicago connection
  • We talk about her birthday it is unbelievable
  • We all need to celebrate like this
  • 2016 there will be a birthday queen work of art
  • A day in her life is crazy busy
  • Tiare works in many mediums
  • Tiare has old coloring books
  • What does Tiare think about adult coloring books?
  • I do try water colors from time to time
  • My family was into texture – fabrics
  • Tiare believes everyone can draw
  • What inspires Tiare?
  • The village of strong African American women she was surrounded with
  • I ask if I can be the white angel or white face in one
  • Yes she does paint custom pieces of different ethnicity
  • I am not white I am beige and we laugh about this
  • Go see her artwork on her website I guarantee you will want a piece of her work.
  • Tiare is a peach.



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