Less Than 5 – Exciting News Etc. – Episode 00148

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Today on Less Than 5 I chatter about all my exciting news and my new workout routine.


  • I changed my business schedule around and now I don’t start work until 9AM
  • I am writing an eBook
  • I am sharing everything I do to take my clients and myself to success in social media – absolutely everything.  I want people to have excellent return on social media.
  • I am not the only person who gives everything away – companies do too.
  • I started my work out today – I sit too much.  I have a mini-trampoline
  • I warmed up
  • I ran
  • A whole 5 minutes
  • I will repeat again today
  • I need more energy and more stamina
  • I sit too much I bet you do too
  • I am heading to Washington DC there is a lot of walking there
  • We are podcasting from the WWII Memorial
  • We are also heading to Israel next year – more walking so I am working out
  • Big announcement coming.
  • Exciting news on Friday
  • New segment on Less Than 5 on Weds.
  • 2 of us – cool funny off the wall fun
  • Exciting news
  • I have the name it will be announced Friday on our website and here too
  • Tonight is the season finale of American Gothic – my husband and I think it is Alison’s husband.  We played detective and that is whom we came up with – so check back.


That’s all the exciting news I have for today.



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