Less Than 5 – Shout Out to Johnny Gwin – Episode 00147

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Hitting all the buttons is important but how about hitting the right ones?

Hitting all the buttons is important but how about hitting the right ones?

On this episode of Less Than 5 I do give a shout out to Johnny Gwin of Mobile Alabama.  He is a dude of spectacular proportions in marketing, advertising and podcasting.

In the interview I posted yesterday with Johnny (Episode 95 in the segment Interviews with Successful Entrepreneurs) Johnny Gwin said he was jealous of my Less Than 5 episodes so I called him out on that today.


  • I talk about why Johnny was “jealous” of these segments
  • How much time to put a show up live?
  • 30 minutes
  • I don’t edit these segments
  • Gave Johnny Gwin a shout out
  • We just had him on the show under Interviews with Successful Entrepreneurs Episode 95
  • Johnny Gwin is a true Southern gentleman
  • I skipped content marketing Monday
  • Today it is about getting your business noticed on social media
  • You have to add value to people’s lives in a way others don’t.
  • What can my brand offer that no one else is?
  • How can I be more than my competition?
  • How can I outrank my competitors?
  • Come back to your original point often
  • Curate useful write ups I use DrumUp and then there is FlipBoard
  • Add visual
  • McDonald’s is red and yellow, Apple is gray, I am orange like the Monarch Butterfly
  • If you have employees have them put content out
  • People trust you more when your employees are on board.
  • Thank you Johnny Gwin for listening.



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