#PodcastRoadtrip with Johnny Gwin – TCMLS: Episode 00095

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Having a podcast studio like this is awesome.

Having a podcast studio like this is awesome.

Hi y’all Robyn and I took a #PodcastRoadtrip over to Mobile Alabama where we were wined and dined by the handsome Johnny Gwin and his beautiful wife Stacy Wellborn.  We were invited over because Robyn is a Certified Fascination Advisor and I have used the Fascination Advantage successfully to increase my business.  In fact I believe in it so much and will be talking about it a lot that I just became an affiliate of the program.  Settle back and get ready, get set, and listen. I like our hashtag #PodcastRoadtrip

  • We recorded in Johnny’s studio hence the sound difference
  • Robyn goes first with the amazing #PodcastRoadtrip
  • I am a good defensive driver and I tell why
  • Car broke down $216 later we got it fixed
  • We stayed in this historical house and it has mega rooms
  • Johnny jumped in – I asked if the house was haunted when we arrived – it isn’t
  • Why I count steps
  • Johnny has a podcast show called Debutante Mindfulness.
  • Robyn intros Johnny and Deep Fried Studios
  • His studio is in their co-working space Container Yard
  • Robyn talks about why there is a little competition in the Gwin-Wellborn house
  • Johnny and Stacy share the Prestige advantage
  • Robyn explains it
  • I share my anthem
  • Robyn’s anthem is shared
  • Johnny over-prepares I don’t.
  • We three are all very talkative
  • We talk about how we don’t do “national enquirer” type interviews
  • Johnny talks WTF podcast
  • We segue into the Rolling Stones
  • Robyn asks how Johnny and I prep for shows and guests
  • Thank you Johnny for telling people I presented at Podcast Movement 16 in Chicago
  • We talk about sketch doodles that Johnny does
  • He sketches in church too
  • Johnny listens to #LessThan5 my less than 5 min marketing moments M-F.

#PodcastRoadtrip will be back soon.




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