Sharp Thoughts in Marketing with Ian Cleary of Razor Social – Episode 00094

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If you know Ian Cleary, if you have heard Ian, if you get his blog, if your belong to RazorSocial than you know he is sharp and he is here to share sharp thoughts in marketing.

Ready?  Get Set!  Listen!

  • We really do know each other
  • Ian lives in Dublin
  • His business is
  • We talk beer
  • Ian likes Budweiser here in the states
  • Ian dances – Boom Social – he did an Irish jig
  • He recently did some break dancing – uh huh!
  • 1/2 through his presentations he gives people a break (get it)
  • Ian will be here for Content Marketing World
  • Ian doesn’t follow basketball – I educated him
  • Ian says no one is tall enough in Ireland
  • I educate him on how he will see the big LeBron James picture by the convention center
  • I share Cleveland trivia with Ian because I am from Cleveland
  • My goal is to get to Content Marketing World
  • Another goal is to interview Joe Pulizzi – oh Joe?!?!?!?
  • We both give big shoutouts to Joe Pulizzi
  • Make sure you sign up for
  • I talk about why I am interviewing Ian (and that was for sound bite advice on podcast marketing for Podcast Movement 16)
  • I was on Wheel of Fortune
  • Ian shares advice on social media
  • It is all about building a relevant audience
  • From a podcasting point of view – interview influential people
  • Same advice works for bloggers
  • Provide the marketing to the guest – give them the links
  • Ian shares a great idea for podcasters
  • Then he gives more amazing advice
  • You can podcast or blog his suggestion – you have to listen to get the advice
  • Then we talk about how using his ideas can turn into a sound bite
  • My thoughts here are that if you are a podcaster you need to remember that a podcast is an audio blog and you have to market it to the max
  • I give my favorite FB hack
  • We chat about scheduling tools
  • I use
  • We discuss a queue mechanism and re-purposing
  • Keep sharing older content – remember Twitter fades fast keep it going
  • We discuss Twitter bombing
  • I use Twitter for getting interviews
  • Ian is all about a good promo schedule in marketing
  • I have a low refusal rate because I build a relationship with people Ian points that out
  • Ian tells me I am #1 in Ireland (told you we would have fun).
  • Auto-posting discussion
  • Intro all your shared posts and podcasts don’t put them up blind
  • We discuss headlines and intros
  • I use co-schedule and advanced marketing institute to analyze my headlines
  • Podcasters talk they don’t usually market or know how to
  • What is Ian’s favorite social media platform?
  • Running ads on social media
  • We do talk Blab but it is gone now
  • I made the cut on Michael Stelzner’s list- Michael like live casting
  • Successful podcasts are successful when you drive people to your website not just iTunes and the rest.
  • We discuss the importance of batching work – get it done.
  • Ian’s biggest piece of advice – get people back to your website ALWAYS
  • We have more fun in closing
  • Ian gives me away!

Great marketing advice here a must listen and substitute the word podcast for blog – or anything else.  Great interview Ian.


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